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  1. Join the Business Celebrity Masterclass and learn how to pitch media in one month, one hour a day using the 3-step proven RAP Formula. Access HERE.
  2. DIY PR Kits for those that want the knowledge, tools, resources, backstage access to the Business Celebrity Network without the instructor hand-holding.  Access HERE.
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"Combine strategic thinking, creativity, and flawless execution and you get Rachel Olsen. Not only did she translate my brand vision into a concrete brand strategy, but she crafted an integrated marketing plan for my business that ties all our marketing efforts together. Working with Rachel is like having a best friend that happens to be a marketing and PR genius. If you love your business but struggle with PR, you need to work with Rachel."

Denise Cook, Founder, Artisan Sugars


"By joining the Business Celebrity Network and Masterclass, I went from having zero press to landing in, Fortune, and having a segment produced on my local NBC affiliate all within 6 weeks.  Rachel has also taught me systems and pitch ideas I would have never known had I not enrolled in this course. I  absolutely recommend this  to anyone who needs help with their small business PR!"

Special Agent Heather Ryan, Former NCIS Agent + Safety Expert

Founder, +

“Think you’ve got the whole ‘leveraging the media’ thing covered? Think again. What Rachel is able to do superbly — getting mom entrepreneurs to open up about their Shark Tank experiences — and then turn that into a book of strategies, practical tips and honest feedback, is invaluable. She nails the ins and outs of utilizing the media for your business, and if you’re running one of your own, I can’t recommend this book highly enough."

Noelle Micek, Interior Designer, Noelle Micek Interiors INC.