Interview: How to Get Featured in Forbes with Ky Trang Ho, Forbes Contributor

Do you want to be featured in Forbes?  

If your answer is YES! then you have to listen to this incredibly insightful, transparent interview I did with Forbes contributor Ky Trang Ho.

About Ky Trang Ho, Forbes Contributor and Founder, Key Financial Media LLC

Ky Trang Ho is a Forbes contributor covering investing and Shark Tank. Key is the founder of Key Financial Media LLC, which produces content and thought leadership for financial advisors and investment strategists. Her work has been published in Institutional Investor, FA Mag, Think Advisor, Plan Sponsor, The Street and other leading financial news sites. Before starting her own firm, she covered stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, economics and personal finance at Investor’s Business Daily for more than eight years.



Interview Show Notes

  • How she went from TV News Producer covering crime to finding her passion and becoming a financial reporter
  • Why she became a Forbes contributor and how the contributor network operates
  • How she saw an opportunity and pitched Shark Tank to Forbes.
  • Forbes Statistics: average number of page views, what’s considered viral, # articles per day they publish and the rule they follow
  • The headline and formula that made one of her posts go viral and get 100,000 page views.
  • The Hero’s Journey story line
  • Types of stories to pitch and how to communicate clearly
  • How to pitch her and the format you should follow
  • The ONLY thing reporters care about which she says “it’s like crack cocaine!” and WHY you (the person pitching) should care
  • Chicken and the Egg Dilemma and how to overcome it when you don’t have a social media following
  • Why EVERYONE has an area of Expertise
  • How to get quoted in the news – the 5 do’s and do not’s of pitching
  • How to think about your product and the solution’s it solves in a way the press will be interested in covering
  • If you are going to copy and paste someone else’s article on a major site, be sure to link back to the publication and journalist
  • Success Stories: How being featured in her articles resulted $8-10k in sales for some Shark Tank inventors
  • How to pitch Ky Trang Ho
  • How often should you follow up after pitching if you don’t hear back?



Twitter: @KyTrangHo

To download Ky Trang’s 10 tips, click How to Get Quoted in Forbes_Ky Trang Ho.