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About Rachel A. Olsen, Founder, RO Media

Rachel A. Olsen is a Marketing and PR professional for Executives ready to scale their business.

When she’s not teaching her Business Celebrity Masterclass, writing business books, or helping businesses gain mass media exposure, she's enjoying life in Southern California with her family.

She started her career as Larry Ellison, Founder, Oracle speaker's bureau manager and went onto run her own company and work for clients like Google, Visa and non-profits before transitioning into the entrepreneurial world of mom entrepreneurs.

"It doesn't matter what vertical you are in or if it is a service or product that you offer. It all comes down to your story and positioning your company in a way that's relevant to what the media is interested in at that moment." shares Rachel.

Barbara Corcoran endorsed her best-selling book Shark Tank MOMpreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity from one, cold email pitch.

She’s been featured and landed clients in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Better Homes + Gardens to the NY Times and 100’s of media outlets.  She's had a #1 iTunes podcast, written 2 books and started the online magazine Best Mom Products.