How to Create an About Us Website Page that Sells

How to Create an About Us Website Page that Sells

This article first appeared in Costco Connections Magazine.

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According to Hubspot, the second most viewed page on a website is the “About Us” section. Visitors first visit the homepage to see what your business offers and then want to know who you are.

Are you someone they want to do business with? Do you seem trustworthy? The About Us page is the perfect place to answer their questions and help make the sale.  Here’s what you should include.

Your Story

This is your chance to make your business stand out by building a personal connection with potential customers.  Include why you started your business, the problem you had, how you tried to solve it and why you decided to create your business. Add your expertise and any press, awards or degrees that will provide credibility.


Your Company Information

Include your company’s mission statement and values to show you care.  Highlight your best-selling products, share who uses them (your target market) and how they solve their problem. This is to help customers identify and see how their similar problems can be solved.   



Visuals tell your story quickly with impact and provide deeper engagement. Show customers who they are choosing to do business with by including a photo of the Founder(s) of the company. Videos are growing in popularity because of its ability to build an authentic emotional connection.


Call to Action

What do you want the person who is reading your story to do?  A call-to-action should be an offer giving the potential customer something of value in return for something else.  

Depending on your sales style, a more assertive approach would be to have a “Buy Now” button and link to your shopping page.

A softer sales approach would be to provide an incentive like a discount on their first purchase or free shipping once they sign up to receive email notifications from you. By nurturing customers through email, you have the opportunity to create a long term relationship.  

If you want to convert potential customers into paying ones, maximize your About Us section to its fullest potential.  Let customers get to know you. When they know, like and trust you, they will then be ready to buy.

Call To Action Example:  

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