Hi, I'm Rachel Olsen.  Welcome!

Mom.   Best-Selling Author.   Entrepreneur.   Media Strategist.

Hi, I'm Rachel Olsen, your Media Strategist. Barbara Corcoran endorsed my book from one, cold pitch email.

In my 20 years of PR and Marketing experience, I've positioned and pitched everyone from mom entrepreneurs (myself included) to Silicon Valley business celebrities like Larry Ellison, Founder, Oracle.  I've been featured in and placed clients in hundreds of media outlets from Forbes to the NY Times. I've been on all sides and know what works from all angles.

Let me show you how the PR game is played. It's about skill + persistence and anyone can win it at if they know the steps.  And, yes, you've got the skills. It's easier than putting  a toddler to bed or trying to convince them carrots are a treat. No crossing your fingers, holding your breath and hoping it works. 

Unless You Have Million$ to Establish Your Brand ...

PR Should Be Your FIRST Step in Promoting Your Business

Being an entrepreneur, I'm guessing you don't have that kinda dough. The truth is ... even if you did ... it's much more credible when someone else validates your product by saying how great it is.

When a third party, a trusted source like the media goes on and on about the features and benefits of your business and how much THEY liked your product or service, that is GOLD. 

Getting media is the most effective way to get the buzz you need to get customers to trust in you. Once they trust you are a credible brand, they are more likely to buy. I'll help you get "Featured In" media. Ready to Bust A Move?

Trust by Association ~ The Results are IN


Barbara's  Endorsement = Credibility
Credibility = Customer's Trust
Customers Know, Like and Trust Factor Complete = Ready to Buy


Result 1: Launched with a Speaking Gig: Moderated Entrepreneur Panel

Result 2: Opened doors for lots of media attention (immediately)

Result 3: More speaking, more book sales

Result 4: Became a bestseller  (6 mos later)

Result 5: Reality show TV producers contact me

Result 6: The media I did gets picked up by other media, months later

Result 7: Became a regular on the local news 

Result 8: Created a course to show you how to do it with any media AND

leverage the coverage  into more coverage and sales.

Still leveraging it 18 months later!   So.Can.You

I didn't get lucky.  I was strategic. I will share the smart approach to PR with you through my proven RAP Formula and how you can get media and leverage each success story into multiple marketing customer success stories resulting in credibility, brand awareness and ultimately sales. 

Game Show Time ~ Can You Answer These Questions?

Do you want to be featured in magazines, newspapers, radio, podcasts and TV?


2Do you want customers and clients knowing your name, typing it into Google and clicking on your website to find your products and services?


2Do you want business celebrity status without spending ridiculous amounts of time and moolah?


Introducing the Business Celebrity Network

The Business Celebrity Network is more than a class; it's a support system.

  Get the proven 3-Step RAP Formula for pitching media in 1 hour a day in ONLY 1 month.


  • Course: Learn the RAP Formula to Pitching Media

    4 On-Demand Video Episodes:

    Modern PR 101 + Get Press Ready Kit

    Pitch Types + Examples

    How and Where to Find Media+ Getting Journalists to Come Running to You

    Editorial Calendar

  • RAP Libs and RAP Sheets

    If you can fill in the blank like MAD Libs and follow step-by-step directions, you’ll be on your way to business celebrity status.


    Make Me an Expert Biography

    Finding Your Target Media Markets

    Fill in the blank Pitches (+ Pitch Inspiration/Examples)

    PR Ready Checklist

  • Tutorials

    I’ll show you screencasts of how to use the free cutting edge technology resources I use online for finding media contacts and building relationships.

  • Barbara Corcoran Pitch Email

    Yep, I’m unlocking the exact pitch email I sent to Barbara Corcoran and I break down each paragraph to show you how the RAP Formula works in action.

  • Guest Star: Award Winning PBS TV Producer

    Theresa Loe, PBS Producer will teach you the exact words to say when pitching television producers and how to secure a placement so that you gain the confidence to say the *right* things. She’ll tell you how to prepare for the secret surprise audition and how to leverage your TV appearance.

There's Mo' Mo' Mo'! The BONUS round.

  • Backstage Pass to THE #BizCeleb Network

    A  private Facebook Group to get support, share media contacts and get peer feedback with a high quality group of entrepreneurs.  Connections … Check. Leads … Check. Support…Check.  

  • PR Group Therapy ~ RAP It Out 'Yo

    (2) 60 Minute Group Calls. Get personalized feedback. Bring your pitch, bio or struggle and get advice.

  • Done FOR You Editorial Calendars

    Oh yeh! No freestylin’ here.  You get the goods.  Access to the 2016 editorial calendar repository and get what themes and products magazines are writing about each month.  By the time you’re done with the course, you’ll know not just how to fit in but how to stand out!

  • 15 Media Opportunities

    Red Carpet Treatment Bebe! You’ll learn how to find these on your own but to cut down on time, I’ll provide a list of 15 media opportunities including who to contact or the form to fill out to get featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire, Washington Post and many more.  Tight, right?!

  • 2 Books

    Get the Barbara Corcoran endorsed book, Shark Tank Mompreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity and Odd Mom Entrepreneur Out guidebook.

Breaking down The RAP Formula  

It's like this and like that and like this ya' all.  ~ Snoop Dogg

Learn the Modern Approach to PR ... in ONLY 1 Month


    There is only one way to let the press know you are READY to be featured and that is for your biography, press page (don’t have one? don’t worry), images and website to reflect what they need. You’ll learn and get all of those items in order so you can shine.

    Not your boring, would rather be changing poopie diapers or scraping day old Cheerios off the floor kinda research.

    This is where the online technology tools and resources come into play so you speed through and get the information you need quickly and easily … kinda like Hackers.


    Here we uncover all the ways your story can be told to make it something juicy and relevant so that journalists will fall over themselves like a teenager covering their idol Taylor Swift.

    There will be lots of examples for different types of products and services.  We’ll dissect a press release… in a cool sorta way.

    By the time we’re done, you’ll be seeing angles everywhere and you’ll know how to write your own.


    You down with PPR? Yeh you know me.  Here’s where we go into pitching, the exact email you should write, subject line catch phrases, how to read and leverage editorial calendars, and how to find journalists online and connect with them … like Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in Titantic.

    Okay, well, maybe not that close but you get the picture.

    We’ll cover social media do’s and don’ts here, too and ways to build rapport when you have zero connection to the person your pitching.

The Game of Pitches ~ What You'll Learn

6Why bloggers aren’t the answer to your prayers and where to focus your media outreach so that you don’t waste time (and money in most cases) and learn how to get results.

6How to gain instant credibility with your potential customers so that they trust you enough to feel comfortable and safe buying from you when they land on your website.

6The top 3 surefire ways to always appeal to reporters so that they identify you as a valuable source and come back to you time and time again (now, wouldn’t that be nice?)

6The #1 fail-proof way you will never annoy a reporter and how to stand out in their “filled to the brim” inbox so that you successfully build a lifetime relationship.

6How to use free online tools and resources to find your media contacts information and build a relationship at the same exact time so that you cut your research time in half and make 2x the progress.

HOLLA' ... what students are saying about #BizCeleb

 "I went from having no press to being featured on Entrepreneur, Fortune, blogs and landing an entire NBC segment dedicated to my business within 4 weeks of joining Rachel's Business Celebrity Masterclass.  My phone and email blew up with clients wanting to hire me and $8,000 in sales. Thank you, Rachel!"

Special Agent Heather Ryan, Former NCIS

"I hired a PR firm prior to Rachel's Business Celebrity Masterclass but wanted to learn how to position my business better and understand the press process.  It was the best decision I made for my business. I knew I didn't want to do PR myself so I hired another firm after her class.  I now strategically manage the firm knowing how I want my brand represented and the types of opportunities that make the most sense for the investment I'm making."

Dr. Shannon Davis, Physical Therapist
Little Balance Box

"The PR process seemed so complicated and confusing to me, not to mention the steep cost if you hired an agency. I was a little skeptical before joining because I didn't know if I would get enough value for the $497 price tag.

Rachel’s course is perfect for demystifying the DIY PR process. She shared all the insider secrets without holding anything back. So far I’ve been interviewed on a podcast which resulted in over $7,000 sales and 9 wholesale inquiries and 14,000 visitors to my site ... have another one lined up, and got responses from 2 regional magazines and I wasn’t even press ready when I started the course.

This was THE best decision I made for my small business!"

Pratima Aravabhoomi
Craft Street Design

"Participating in the PR Mastermind was an invaluable experience! I learned so much about what kind of press to go after, how to write pitches, and how to create an editorial calendar. The program was a great mix of teaching, encouragement, and a kick-in-the-pants to get moving with PR!

The best part was getting to soak up Rachel's expertise while in a group of supportive entrepreneurs."

Lily Jones, Former Teacher
The Curiosity Pack

 Access RAPwood 1kinda like HOLLYwood

The Business Celebrity Network is accessed through a membership site on RachelAOlsen.com. After clicking the YES! button below, you will be asked to choose a username and password and purchase through PayPal.  Simple as that.

You will then receive an email confirmation and instant access to the first Episode.  At that time, you'll be invited into the secret Facebook group to start rapping it out. (wink)

On-demand episodes will be released every week with immediate access to the first Episode.

All course materials will be made available on a weekly basis to go along with the episode.

For the Masterclass, group calls are bi-monthly and you'll receive a list of days and times available for you to sign up.  Calls are the 2nd and 4th week of each month to go along with the episodes. Permission to go at your own pace granted.


Celebrity Business Course Works Even If You...

  • Have never reached out to the media
  • Don't believe you will be seen as an "Expert"
  • Have been pitching and received little or no feedback from any type of media
  • Implemented the "spray and pray" method of pitching
  • Feel overwhelmed and don't know what to write in the subject line or what a "pitch" even is
  • Hired a PR agency and been disappointed with the lack of results
  • Feel your heart drop every time you go to press the "send" button on your pitch because you want it sooo badly!


How Many Benjamin$ will my Future Success Cost?

  • Access to 4 On-Demand Episodes
  • Bio + Pitch Templates and Swipe Files
  • Access to the Barbara Corcoran Email Pitch
  • Tutorials of Cutting Edge Online Resources
  • BONUS1 : Shark Tank Book
  • BONUS 2: Private Facebook Group
YES! I want it NOW!

100% Money Back Guarantee

approx. $6 a day or the cost of a Starbucks latte

Why Should I Choose You?

This is the ONLY program that teaches you to land media placements

easily, efficiently and affordably in one month and makes it FUN! 

  • You don't have to spend months or years learning how it all works from PR experts who make their living off teaching (because when you learn from someone who actively pitches and uses cutting edge technology, you learn what works TODAY.)


  • You don't have to waste time pitching for months before you land in a media placement (because every minute spent pitching could be quality time spent with your children)


  • You don't have to look up and wait for money to fall from the sky to buy other courses or hire a pricey PR firm (spend it on a new top for your TV debut instead)


  • You don't have to make up a success story every time your husband asks "how's your business going?"(you'll actually have many to tell)

Liar! Liar!

Have you been told you by PR consultants or firms that they can land you into THE editorial parties, get desk-sides in NYC and LA, sell you on all the top publications they will get your product into... oh, and all those celeb gift bags you aspire to be into?

That their cost of $2500-$10k per month may also include a few social media mentions?(Eye roll)

That you have to hire them because they have the relationships with top tier media and it will be worth every.last.penny (and I mean every.last.penny)?

The Truth Exposed

There is a better, smarter way to get press while building your own personal relationship with the media ... and you don't have to sell your first born to get it.

But, Rachel, aren't you a publicist?  How can you say that?

Yes, but I am a realist and also can't stand hearing story after story, disappointment after disappointment from entrepreneur's experiences with PR Firms.  It's actually the reason that made me decide to create this course.  I know you can do it.

I set expectations and don't sell my clients on something I can't deliver.

Unfortunately, that's why PR firms get a bad rap (pun intended).  Many firms are doing good work but the truth is, you don't need to hire a firm when starting out on a limited budget.  You can do it yourself.

WARNING: Do Not Buy #BizCeleb If ...

  • You expect to land an interview with Ellen Degeneres with your first pitch.
  • You believe you have to hire a PR firm to get into top tier publications and other media.
  • You believe you have to be an expert writer to make a pitch worthy.

Drop It Like It's Hot + Get #BizCeleb If...

  • You are ready to stop piecemealing PR tips together and put a proven formula to use.
  • You are willing to put in 1 hour a day for 30 days or one part-time week of work.
  • You are excited to commit to creating celebrity status for your business.
  • You are ready for friends, family and customers to say "I saw you Featured in ___"

5 copyShow ME the Money!  Show ME the Money! 

Let's break down the number$ and see what type of investment this really is ...



You could hire me or someone else to be your publicist for $2500-$10k per month to pitch you for a minimum of 6 months. That's $15k-60k straight out of your pocket and you still don't know "how" to pitch. And, the relationships they had, they keep. So, your solo again none the wiser ...  when your done bleeding money.

Total Minimum Savings = $14,503.  Whaat?!? 



You can purchase other PR courses for around $97-$2000 from teachers who teach, not doers who do... many who did PR years ago but don't anymore. I've reviewed other "experts" courses and none include the proven RAP Formula and the support I offer with group calls and 1:1.

And hey, they weren't endorsed by Barbara Corcoran or Larry Ellison's handler or had a #1 iTunes New + Noteworthy podcast or been a regular on the local news or had a best-selling book about pitching or blah blah blah.  You get it.

Total Savings = $500 and unequivocal value (wink) in instructor quality.



Do nothing.  Continue to spend endless hours wondering how the PR game is played, searching for opportunities online, second guessing your pitches, "borrowing" media lists from other entrepreneur friends but still not knowing how to get results and flipping open magazines to see your competitors popping out of the pages... and still being exactly where you are months or years from now.

Divide # of hours by your hourly worth = Totally NOT worth it

(I know as a mom and business owner that every minute counts. What's it costing you?)


Before You Click Away ...

Imagine the quality time you want to spend with your kids this summer without sacrificing your business.

 I want you to take a deep breath and imagine what your business will look like when your kids are on summer break and you want to spend some extra quality time with them.  

Imagine taking them to the pool or going to the beach.  While they are lounging and eating, you get some time to relax and flip open your favorite magazine.  

You see your product, your business staring at you straight in the eye. You knew it would happen but now it has and it feels great ... better than you ever imagined.  

Your friend leans over and says, "I knew you were going to be successful."  

The best part is the entire time you are being recognized publicly, you are spending quality time with the people you care most about in this world but not sacrificing your business. 

Magazine editorial deadlines for back-to-school issues can be as early as April and May and holiday gift guide pitching starts in June and New Years Resolution's "back to business" in October.

Put in 1 month now and you'll be seeing results throughout 2016 and 2017... while you're on vacation.

How does that sound?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I press the BUY button?

First, congratulate yourself for making a smart business decision. You will be asked to create a username/password for the secure membership site and be redirected to Paypal.  You will be added to our email list and receive automatic notification with access to the first episode.  One week later, you will receive another email when the 2nd episode is live and so on until the 4th episode is released.  Within 1 month, you will know how to pitch media in 1 hour a day in 1 month. Woot!


How quickly will I see results?

It depends on you really. Are you an action taker or a dreamer? You can dream about being in Oprah or Parents magazine but if you don't do the work, then you won't see the results.  I can provide you with the best proven formula. I can share my secrets and teach you how to play the game but it's kinda like that idiom ... you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.   But hey, I know you're more like a tiger ~ ROAR!


What if I can't stand you after the first episode and don't want to continue?

Geesh! That's harsh. Gulp. I like to think you'll LOVE me but I can understand that my style may not be for everyone. I have a no-questions asked money back guarantee that's valid for one week after the first Episode airs.  I will refund your money. Don't worry...I won't pull a Zero Dark Thirty on you.


Can I buy anytime?

You can buy anytime but the price will go up throughout 2016 so if you don't want to miss out and lock in the price now even if you are not ready today to start.  Once you join, you'll have lifetime access which means you can take the course anytime.

Will it work for me if I'm an Author, sell Information Products or Services? Yes, the RAP Formula works beyond products.  It's a core foundation on how PR works, the collateral you need to be ready with to attract press, telling your unique story, media angles and learning how to craft that into a relevant pitch.  If you can answer some questions on a worksheet, fill in the blank for pitches and grasp how the PR game is played; you'll do well with #BizCeleb. You've landed a front row spot and soon people will be watching you!

Isn’t it better to hire a PR Firm because they have the relationships?

While they have some relationships, they can’t make a square peg fit into a circle no matter how hard they try. Modern pitching isn’t about who you know.  Thanks to social media and the internet, those connections are accessible to everyone.  It’s all about the pitch and I can show you how to be relevant with the proven RAP Formula. Besides, even if you hire a PR firm down the road, you'll still need to do a lot of the work for them anyways like getting press ready.

What is an editorial calendar?

We'll go over all that in detail in the course but it's basically the themes magazines feature each month so you can understand where your product/pitch fit in. I've taken the time to go through and create a repository of 2016 editorial calendars so you don't have to spend endless hours searching.

Reality Bites

One month will pass you by in a blink of an eye.  Will you spend it piecemealing a PR plan together and using "spray and pray" pitch tactics while getting "spray and pray" results or doing nothing?

Or, will you decide it's your time to be seen in the media, to take your business to the level it needs to be at to see real results?

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Whatever your reason may be, if you aren't jumping for joy that someone finally explained the PR game and how you can play it step-by-step and get results without spending lots of money or time, I will gladly refund your money within one week of Episode 1 airing ... no questions asked !

Yep, that's me below.  I was a brownie and have always taken my commitments very seriously.

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