Best-Selling Author of Shark Tank MOMpreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity endorsed by Barbara Corcoran, Investor and Media Personality.


Co-Author of the collaborative business book and guide Odd Mom Entrepreneur Out now available.

You'll Learn:

  • Entrepreneurial tips from interviews withe Founders of RuffleButts, Ava the Elephant, Hot Tot, SwimZip + Showno Towel
  • On-Set Secrets and advice for entrepreneurs wanting to go on the show
  • What made mompreneurs nervous and how they overcame fear
  • How to prepare for Shark Tank or any other mass media market
  • How to craft a compelling story and turn it into a winning pitch- The Bait, The Hook, + The Bite

“As a Shark, I’ve been in the tank with these entrepreneurs and I can tell you Rachel gets right to the heart of how they succeeded. Shark Tank MOMpreneurs is a must read for anyone looking to learn the inside secrets of getting on Shark Tank and landing a deal, or getting the publicity that’s essential for any successful business."

Barbara Corcoran, Investor, Shark Tank

“Think you’ve got the whole ‘leveraging the media’ thing covered? Think again. What Rachel is able to do superbly — getting mom entrepreneurs to open up about their Shark Tank experiences — and then turn that into a book of strategies, practical tips and honest feedback, is invaluable. She nails the ins and outs of utilizing the media for your business, and if you’re running one of your own, I can’t recommend this book highly enough."

Jill Salzman, Founder, Founding Moms

“It’s hard enough to swim with the Sharks on your own – even harder when you have a school of kids swimming along with you. Having been there myself, I know for certain Rachel’s stories are tried and true to the challenges a Mom in business faces. Shark Tank MOMpreneurs will teach you how to finally generate the consumer demand you need to break into retail stores and reel in the success you and your family deserve."

Mindee Hardin, Inventor, Boogie Wipes

“This book provided a fascinating examination of the pros and cons of publicity. As a mompreneur striving for success, it is extremely helpful to hear real-life entrepreneur experiences with Shark Tank and the unexpected outcomes of this level of publicity."

Emma Weisburg, Founder, Blinkbuggy

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