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Welcome to my new site where rising business stars get noticed.  A bit kitsche perhaps but it's true.  "Nobody puts baby in a corner!"  Know what movie that is from? 

If you are a small business, author or consultant looking to create buzz and awareness for you, your product or service, you're in the right place. 

I'm soo happy to have you here.  Seriously! Go ahead and take a look around my virtual home.  Peek behind the curtain. I dare ya'. (wink)

Well now, I wouldn't  be a very good hostess if I didn't show you around a bit.  Welcome!


For those of you not sure if you want to come all the way in ... yet, I'm offering a free PR Guide to the right ... just enter your name and email and voilá ... you'll get your guide on 7 Tips to Ignite Influencer Relationships in 2017.

Take a step inside my sitting room, cozy up with a good book or two and get to inspired by interviews with mom entrepreneurs who landed deals on Shark Tank in my best selling book  Shark Tank MOMpreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity which Barbara Corcoran calls a MUST-read.  

Shark tank book

If you're looking to discover other valuable resources for your business or aspire to be an author, read my co-authored book Odd Mom Entrepreneur Out to help eliminate guilt, grow your business and elevate your life.  It's not just a bunch of hullabaloo.  The 11 women entrepreneurs who contributed in the book share tips on managing family and business, without sacrificing either while growing up to 7 figure incomes.   

Coffee, Tea? Moving further down the hallway into the breakfast nook, let's have coffee.  Heck, let's have tea, brunch ... whatever you want and I'll be yours along with a few other close friends in the Business Celebrity Class where I will teach you to pitch media in 1 hr a day in just 1 month.  And no, you don't need a pie in the sky celebrity endorsement to be credible or an "Expert."  


You want to get even closer?!?  Me, too.  It's a lovefest.   I want to know. I must know everything about your business. If you want to chat with moi, just you and me, me and you, so happy together ... I do offer business consulting services.

Go ahead. Check.me.out.  Don't look away.  Don't!!!!  It could be the difference between putting your business on the map or having it stay exactly where it is.  Besides, it'll hurt my feelings. Ouch. Sad face.


Rachel A-List  (eye-roll ... I mean, who really writes this stuff?) Olsen